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Contemporary Christian Music - it is the innovation of the hour in our age of church history.


It has taken the Bible believing church by storm. When a fundamental church institutes CCM as it’s musical style, it always moves into the new evangelical hemisphere. Where CCM comes, new evangelicalism follows, as certainly as the tail follows the dog. Reverent worship disappears, sound doctrine declines, and the holy living is despised. Why does this happen? This wonderfully written book will give you the answer.


Missionary Spencer Smith was lead to Christ after a flag football game. When he started to live the Christian life, he realized that there were many parallels between football and serving the Lord. This book breaks down just a few of those lessons and gives the biblical principles behind them.


Bro. Spencer has put together a useful Bible Study Journal full of useful information on studying your Bible and pages for you to take notes as you study as well.

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