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Dear Friend, 


IBOM is a growing and going ministry! We have set up this page with men who have seen first hand the work of IBOM in Kenya. We are honored to have them recommend the work of the ministry in Kenya and Uganda. 

Soul­winning, ministry training and church planting describes the work that Bro.

Spencer Smith over sees in Malaba West Kenya Africa. Language and cultural

barriers are not even an issue because IBOM has chosen to work with dedicated

national pastors of like faith to plant soul­winning Baptist churches. I would like to

recommend this ministry based on four observations. First the states side leadership

Dr. Runion, Dr. R.G. Smith, and Bro. Spencer Smith are all students of the

Scriptures and personal soul­winners and well qualified to lead a ministry such as

IBOM. Secondly, The Kenyon leadership, National Pastor Anthony Eckacol is a

sound, fundamental Baptist leader the young Kenyan preachers can trust and follow.

Thirdly, the opportunity to plant more local Baptist soul­winning churches is

abounding. In the words of the Apostle Paul, “For a great door and effectual is

opened unto me there are many adversaries.” and lastly, time. Time may be our

biggest adversary but IBOM Kenya, working and training national men offers a

proven way to redeem the time and gather a harvest of precious souls. Prayerfully

consider this worthy world­wide missionary outreach.


Evangelist Oliver Araiza

Having taken several missionary trips to Kenya, I’m very excited about the Gospel and Revival opportunities in fields that are “white already to harvest”.  All Kenya needs is our help and, I sincerely believe, Revival will spread across Kenya like wildfire.  In fact, it has already started.  We just need to continue training and equipping national men so they have the resources needed to spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. We support International Baptist Outreach Missions in this much-needed Gospel work for the glory of the Lord and invite you to do the same.


Pastor Gene Raye Jones

Charolottesville, VA

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