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Dear Friends, 

We have had many people contact us about how they can help with this land project! We have made a way for you to donate online! Click the link to the right and make your donation today! All payments go directly to the purchase price of the land in Mwuamuto. 

Any amount is welcome! 

Thank you so much!


All Checks Can Be Sent To: 


PO Box 16576

Asheville, NC, 28816

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We are also able to receive donations through PayPal. Click the button below to donate: 

February 2019 Update!

mwuamuto muslim girl.jpg

Dear Friends, 

The Lord is blessing this project and we are rejoicing in his goodness! We currently have $1,000 raised. We are still needing another $34,000 until we can buy land for this great church. Please prayerfully consider donating to this need. I have uploaded some very recent videos of this church's song services. If you will notice in the junior church that there is muslim girl that was invited to church by her friends! 

Please let us know if you can help. 

His for Kenya, 


Dear Friends, 

In 2016 we were able to establish the Mwuamuto Outreach Baptist Church in Nairobi. This church was planted right next door to a Kingdom Hall, and through soul winning efforts, has nearly eliminated this cult. Many people have been saved and they average 180 in attendance on Sunday. This church is also home to a small Christian school. 

The pastor is Edwin Mwaka. He is a faithful man that has been trained in the Providence Baptist College of Nairobi. 

We are needing to purchase this church their own piece of property to bring them to an indigenous position. We are asking our friends and supporting churches to help us with this project. The cost of land will be $35,000. 

We are asking for 35 churches to donate $1,000 or 70 churches to donate $500. If you can help in any way, please contact us anytime. 


His for Kenya, 

Spencer Smith

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