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Dear Friends, 


The Lord has blessed our 2017 IBOM Nairobi Conference! We are thrilled that our God has allowed us to be apart of such a great ministry! Our theme for this conference was, “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” - 1 Thess 5:24.  We know that this is the Lord’s work, and we are just his instruments. All glory goes to him! (1 Timothy 1:17)

The results of this year’s conference are: 19 Graduates from the Providence Baptist College of Nairobi and 137 saved! We are thankful for all those who gave to make this conference possible. Your giving has not been in vain and know that there is fruit to your account. (Phil 4:17)

Nairobi Outreach Baptist Church New Location


The Nairobi Outreach Baptist Church was one of the very first churches planted through IBOM in Central Kenya. It was during my first trip to Kenya in 2007 that we ordained Francis Ndleva to the ministry and constituted the church. At the beginning, the church met in different member’s homes but then they moved into a storefront. It did not take long for this church to outgrow this storefront, but renting a bigger facility in Nairobi was a great challenge. The reason being because many property owners were not open to renting to a church. 


We have been praying about the next step for this church for a long time and found some property that had come up for sale in the east side of Nairobi. Due to the fact that we had no money for the land, we asked the men of the church to pray about leasing a piece of property for the church to meet on. We knew this would be a long shot, but we were believing that the Lord would help us make the next step. Miraculously, the property owner agreed to a 3 year lease of the land for the church to meet on! Glory to God!  We will need to raise an extra $50 a month for the lease of this land. Help us pray for these funds, and please prayerfully consider giving to this need. 


Another need for this church was to raise money for a tent for the church to meet under on this new property. It was during the February Missions Conference of the Val Verde Baptist Church in Groves, Texas that the church voted to give us the money to buy the tent for the church! Thank you Pastor Dignan and church family! During our conference, we were able to visit the land and even have the 2017 Providence Bapitst College Graduation ceremony under the tent!


The next need will be to purchase the land that the church is meeting on. The price of the land will be $30,000. We are praying that the Lord will give us at least 30 churches that will donate $1,000 each for the purchase of this land. Please pray for this urgent need! 

Mwuamuto Outreach Baptist Church


The Mwuamuto Outreach Baptist Church is a new church plant that we have recently started on the west side of Nairobi. The pastor’s name is Edwin Mwaka. During our conference, the church came together for an entire day of bible teaching. The Lord blessed and many of the church members commented that they had learned so much from the bible lessons. 

The Mwuamuto Outreach Baptist Church has experienced much growth in the past year. The church is now averaging about 70 adults in attendance and nearly 100 children! We thank God for his hand of blessing being upon this ministry! 

Soul Winning In Thika

During our conference, we spent two days in Thika going out with teams of church members going soul winning. I am glad to report to you that we saw over 100 people saved on soul winning! This was the second year that we had gone soul winning in this town, and God has given us fruit that remains! Pastor Gary Biggs, Landmark Baptist Church in Petoskey, Michigan, lead a soul winning team and one of the ladies in the group was his very first convert from last year’s soul winning! Glory to God! 


One of the people that I lead to Christ in Thika was a drug addict. I talked with him for a long time about his need for Christ and I finally convinced him that he was not righteous enough to earn Heaven. His final hesitation was that he would not be able to live the Christian life after he trusted Christ. I shared with him Romans 8:11, “But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.” 


I shared with him that if he trusted Christ, then he would be able to live the Christian life because of the power of the Holy Spirit that would live inside him. It was at this moment he did a very strange thing. He asked me if I would wait for five minutes while he ran home. I agreed and he ran to his house and came back after a few minutes. It was then he said, “I am now ready to trust Christ.” One of our men prayed with him and he got saved! It was then that he reached into his pocket and gave me a pack of pills. I asked him why he gave them to me and his response was, “I don’t need those anymore, I have Christ now.” God is still saving sinners!

We thank God for all that he is doing! Please pray for us as we continue to do the will of God in Kenya! 


His for Kenya, 


Spencer Smith

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